Mier DA605P-611 Wireless Driveway Alert System with Probe
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Mier DA605P-611 Wireless Driveway Alert System with Probe

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    The Mier DA-605P-611 is one of our most flexible driveway alert systems.  This driveway alarm comes complete with a wired driveway probe that will detect moving vehicles as they pass by.  It will not create false alarms by detecting people or animals. This system is perfect for homes, businesses, drive-thru applications or similar applications.

    The probe attaches to a wireless battery powered transmitter with a 50 foot cable.   This transmitter sends a signal up to 1000 feet* to the wireless receiver control box that will mount in your home or shop. The included DA078 chime plugs in wherever you need it so you won't miss the alert.

    You can expand the system by adding additional DA078 plug-in chimes as needed.

    You can also optionally add a DA606LK light kit that comes with a wireless wall switch and plug-in lamp module so you can turn on lights automatically when a vehicle is detected!

    The included wireless receiver also has an on board relay that allows it to connect to an external dialer, cellular transmitter, alarm or automation system so you can be notified remotely if needed.

    Need longer range?  Add a DA-REPEATER between the transmitter and receiver!

    * 1000 feet is the maximum range based on direct line of sight and without obstructions or interference.

    Mier DA605P-611 Wireless Driveway Alert System with Probe Support

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