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Optex BX100PLUS Photobeam

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    Optex BX100 Plus Photobeam Sensor Pair

    The Optex BX-100 Plus kit comes with two (2) tiny, dual-infrared beams designed to set up and maintain a detection perimeter around a home or other small building. These beams are particularly useful in providing coverage for windows, doors and roller shutter doors and can be used to activate an intruder alarm system, lights or CCTV before a break-in occurs, minimizing damage to property and risk to on-site personnel. Never have to worry about if someone can sneak into your home again when you buy the Optex BX-100 Plus!

    Optex BX100 Plus Photobeam Specifications

    • Outdoor : 100ft.(30m) / Indoor : 200ft.(60m)
    • Full-time (NO/NC) Relays (Separate Form A and Form B Relays) work for more applications simultaneously
    • Attractive, Slender Design
    • Easy Alignment with Visual and Audible Indicator
    • Light Reduction Filter
    • Max. 99% Beam Blocking Rate
    • Audible Alarm Indicator

    Optex BX100 Plus Photobeam Includes

    • 1 x Optex BX100 Plus Infrared Sensor Pair

    Optex BX100 Plus Photobeam Support

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