Optex LX802N 80’ Outdoor Long/Narrow Range High Mount PIR
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Optex LX802N 80’ Outdoor Long/Narrow Range High Mount PIR

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    Optex LX802N Outdoor Long/Narrow Range High Mount PIR

    Optex’s LX802N is a wired PIR motion sensor with a tough and rugged exterior. It’s great for short to mid-range and narrow applications outdoors as part of an alarm system. A built-in light sensor provides day and night modes. You can also select detection patterns such as Pet Alley or Multi-Level depending on what the sensor is meant to pick up. The sensitivity and range of the sensor can also be adjusted to suit your individual needs. Change the sensitivity to prevent lights turning on and save energy in events like when the neighbour’s cat runs across the lawn. It can be used in commercial, industrial or residential installations alike.

    An LED light will indicate when movement is detected. The unit also has a tamper switch that opens when the cover is removed.

    Double Conductive Shielding included gives the LX802N a resistance to interference from external sources. This is an Optex patented technology that is meant for helping to prevent a higher rate of false alarms. It consists of two different parts; visible light protection and RFI protection. Visible light protection prevents the triggering of false alarms caused by sunlight and other external sources of light like headlights and sunlight up to 50 000 lux. RFI protection averts false alarms that could be triggered by electronics such as transmitters. Comes with a mounting screw and sponge for tighter sealing.

    Optex LX802N PIR Sensor Specifications

    • Adjustable range and sensitivity (low, medium or high)
    • Selectable detection patterns depending on use
    • Built-in light sensor provides day and night modes
    • Double Conductive Shielding prevents interference from foreign light sources
    • Tamper switch opens when cover removed
    • IP54 rating
    • Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)

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