Directional Driveway Probe Alarm and Alert System
Sure Action
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Sure Action Directional Driveway Alert Probe System

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    Sure Action P8000C Directional Driveway Alarm Kit

    Most driveway alert systems will create an alert regardless of which direction vehicles are travelling.  The Sure Action P8000C uses dual probes and a processor board that can determine the direction of vehicle travel so you can have an alert only when vehicles enter the property, not when leaving.  The included HA2BC processor has dual outputs, one for each direction so you can get creative.

    When the system is triggered, the chime will sound.  There is an on/off switch on the chime plate so you can turn the alert on and off as needed.

    This driveway alert package can also be used to trigger lighting systems to turn on driveway lights and/or tie in to other automation systems.

    Note:  Cable to connect probes to the processor is NOT included.  Recommended cable includes 22/4 (4 conductor 22 guage) or CAT5E. Cable needs to be burial rated. Shielded cable preferred.


    Sure Action P8000C Directional Driveway Probe Package Features:

    • Detects only moving metal objects
    • Can detect vehicles moving as slowly as 1/2 MPH
    • Probe and processor can be up to 1 mile apart
    • Two outputs, one for each direction of vehicle travel


    P8000C Package includes:

    • P8000 dual probes
    • HA2BC processor board in a NEMA enclosure
    • Chime plate with on/off switch
    • 16.5VAC Power supply
    • 12VDC Power supply
    • Battery

    Sure Action P8000C Directional Driveway Alarm Kit

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