Pipeburst Jr. Water Leak Kit
PipeBurst Pro.

Pipeburst Pro Jr. Leak Sensor and Shutoff System

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    Pipeburst Pro Jr. Complete Package

    Consider your search for a reliable, hard-wired, water leak detection system over! Comprised of the highest quality components ensuring long lasting reliability, the PipeBurst Pro Jr. system is what you need. Complete with an electronic shut-off ball valve (choose between 1, 1 ½, and 2” valves for your application), water sensor and a VIP panel, this kit has everything you need to stop leaks and floods from causing extensive damage! When the sensor detects a leak the VIP will immediately shut off the water supply through the valve, preventing the leak from spreading! Take advantage of the built-in handle that the shut-off valve presents for manual open and close regulation. Extended features provide you with the control you deserve!

    Main Components of the Pipe Burst Pro Jr.

    Stainless Steel TickerValve

    This full flow ball valve cycles in a 90 degree rotation arc. If it detects any obstruction when opening or closing it automatically opens in response to free itself!

    SideKick Water Sensor

    The SideKick is a stainless steel water detection device that utilizes gold plated sense pins to signal the VIP Panel as water is detected. This signal will close the TickerValve and provide protection against water damage.

    VIP Junior Control Panel

    The VIP Panel is the central control and interface for the PipeBurstPro Jr. system. It controls the stainless steel shut-off TickerValve and indicates the system’s state with two LED lights and an audible alarm.

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