Watercop Leakstop Plus with Alarm Output and RJ45 Jack, 3/4 Inch




WaterCop Leakstop Plus with Alarm Output and RJ45 Jack, 3/4"

The LeakStop Plus automatic water shut-off valve from Watercop is a complete water leak detection and automation shut off solution. LeakStop protects your home or business from costly water damage caused by leaking pipes, failed appliances, HVAC or plumbing equipment. Water damage happens fast and quickly damages valuable furnishings, electronics as well as heirlooms and personal belongings that cannot be replaced.

Integrate your LeakStop+ with SmartConnect to receive mobile alerts to a smartphone, tablets or in a home automation system. This model includes a RJ45 jack.

LeakStop Plus installs at the main incoming water supply or wherever it is needed. The two attached wired water sensors re placed where the water will go when a leak occurs. As soon as water is detected by either water sensor probe, the water valve will shut off, stopping water flow and an alarm will sound.

WaterCop valves are lead free, commercial quality and full port design so they don't restrict water flow when open.

LeakStop Plus WCLSLFB34 Features

  • RJ45 Jack output
  • SmartConnect compatible
  • Audible alarm

LeakStop Plus WCLSLFB34 Includes

  • 3/4" Brass valve
  • LeakStop + Electronic control box
  • 2 Wired leak sensors 10' cable

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