Winland TA1 Mechanical Temp Alert (Discontinued)



Winland TA-1 Mechanical Temp Alert


NOTE:    This item has been replaced by MTA-2



The Winland TA-1 monitors room air temperature and provides a normally open contact that closes when the high or low temperature set points are reached. This output can be connected to an alarm system, dialer, automation system, Sensaphone equipment, etc.

This sensor is a simple and economical temperature sensor for use in residential or commercial applications, computer rooms and data centers, green houses, barns, animal trailers, etc.

Simply determine the acceptable temperature limits for your application by adjusting the high and low temperature limit arms. Connect the normally open contacts to your system.


Winland TA-1 Mechanical Temp Alert - Specifications

  • Temperature display range from -30° to +130°F (-34° to +54°C)
  • Temperature alarm range from -50° to +130°F (10° to +54°C)
  • Dimensions: 6 1/4" x 3 3/4" x 2"
  • Accuracy: ˆ€œ3F/1.7C
  • Contact: Gold plated Normally Open
  • Contact rating: 50mA @ 12vdc
  • Not for high voltage

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