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Dakota Alert 2500 Driveway Alarm

PRUT2500 - Dakota Alert 2500 ft Property Paging System

  • Description

    Portable Paging System - Description

    Combining the Dakota Alert PR-2500 Pager Receiver and the UT-2500 Universal Transmitter, these two products collaborate efforts to alert you of incoming visitors! When the push button has been pressed, the UT-2500 transmitter will send a signal to the receiver up to 2500'* away. With its adjustable features, the PR-2500 can be carried with you wherever necessary, and offers both a tone and vibrate mode for your own personal preference! Both the rechargeable battery and charger required for the pager are included.

    The UT-2500 also has NO and NC relay inputs meaning it can be connected to just about any type of alarm sensor or trigger! The UT-2500 is also completely weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use.

    *Actual range will vary depending on the local terrain

    Portable Paging System - Specifications

    System Features:

    • 2500' Universal Transmitter
    • Tone/Vibrating Pager with Belt Clip
    • Pager uses rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries 
    • Transmitter uses standard 3-volt battery (included)
    • Manual paging button 
    • Connection for remote buttons and sensors (any contact closure).
    • 12 VDC 1Amp Power Supply



    • Small Business
    • Farms
    • Restaurants
    • Green Houses
    • Market Gardens
    • Home Owners

    Portable Paging System - Included

    • 2500' Universal Transmitter
    • 1 x 3VDC Battery
    • Tone/Vibrating Pager with Belt Clip
    • 12 VDC 1Amp Power Supply

    Portable Paging System - Support

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    Good paging system

    We bought this unit for our elderly mother, so she can page us when we are outdoors and she needs assitance. This works great and the pager is nice and small.
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    Current Stock:
    SKU: PRUT2500
    Wired or Wireless: Wireless
    Sensor Type: Push Button or Relay
    Wireless Range: 2500 Feet
    Relay Output: N/A
    Special: Pager Receiver (portable)
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    One Year