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Rodann RX2000A Driveway Chime Receiver

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    Rodann RX2000A Driveway Alarm Receiver

    This receiver is capable of receiving and distinguishing signals from four (4) different sensor/transmitters simultaneously and also has a 12V output for activating an accessory like strobe lights or alarms when an alarm signal is received! This unit also comes with a built-in LED Digital Counter which allows you to keep track of your visitors/customers as well as check to see if an alarm was triggered while you were away. Since this device can monitor four (4) different zones, there are four chime sounds for you to assign to each one.

    Rodann Driveway Alarm Receiver Specifications

    • Dimensions: 6.5" x 3.5" x 1.5" (Antenna is 4.5" Long)
    • Frequency: 430 MHZ
    • Power Source: 12V Power Supply (included)
    • Volume Control
    • 4 Chime Tones
    • 12V Output
    • Contact Output
    • 1 or 5 Second Output Time
    • Built in LED Digital Counter

    Rodann Driveway Alarm Receiver Includes

    • 1 - Rodann RX2000A Driveway Alarm Receiver
    • 1 - 12V Power Supply for RX2000 with 6' of Cord

    Rodann Driveway Alarm Receiver Support

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