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Sensaphone FGD-400 Alarm Dialer 4 Inputs

  • Description

    Sensaphone FGD-400 Alarm Landline Dialer 4 Inputs

    The Sensaphone FGD-0400 provides remote monitoring of commercial facilities, homes, vacation homes, green houses, cottages, livestock barns. The Sensaphone 400 can be installed in any indoor environment as a means to monitor a variety of conditions including power failure, temperature, humidity, water leaks, external contacts and more. Featuring four alarm inputs, there are a wide variety of sensors available. The FGD400 is capable of dialing up to four phone numbers when an alarm is triggered. This dialer can offer robust protection and monitoring for environmental and security conditions at a modest price. It has a built in alarm as well as a telephone dialer.

    The Sensaphone 400 features access to real-time status reports from anywhere in the world. The alarm panel can be dialed into at any time to listen to real-time status from each of the 4 alarm zones. This feature supplies users with real-time temperature readings and information on water leaks or power outages, helping to give users peace of mind.

    The 400 model also has built-in voice recording options allowing users to program their own custom voice alert messages for each alarm zone. There is also a built in 24-hour battery backup, and the unit will dial out with "Power Out Alerts" should the power at the monitored location fail.

    A built in relay output can be used to trigger other systems. The keypad and included manual make programming the system simple enough for end users, while still featuring enough options and versatility to satisfy most monitoring and alarm needs.

    FGD-400 Specifications


    • Number of inputs: 4 (2.8K thermistor comes pre-installed on zone 1 for temperature monitoring)
    • Connection Type: Screw terminals
    • Input Types: Contact Open/Close or 2.8K thermistor for temperature reading


    • Number of outputs: 1
    • Rating: 1A 30VAC/1A 30VDC


    • Plug in transformer included
    • Battery Backup: 6 C Cell batteries (not included) providing up to 24 hours of battery backup


    • Operating Temperature: 32–122° F (0–50° C)
    • Operating Humidity: 0–90% RH non-condensing

    Additional Features:

    • Built in Microphone
    • RJ11 Jack for easy phone line connection

    FGD-400 Includes

    • 1 x FGD-0400 Alarm Dialer
    • 1 x Power Supply
    • 1 x 2.8K Internal Thermistor hooked up to Zone 1 for temperature monitoring
    • 1 x 6-foot phone cord
    • 1 x 6-foot phone cord
    • Manual
    • Mounting Hardware

    FGD-400 Support and Downloads

  • Reviews



    Perfect for the farm

    This device is just great. I have a farm, and it has helped me save the crop a few times! The one I have is 6 years old, and still works like a champ. It has multiple zones, calls multiple numbers if it can't get the first number it calls, and is very persistant. One night in particular I was sleeping, and it called me, and woke me up the 14th time it had called my cell phone number. If you are in the need for a temp. alarm, get this one. You will not be dissapointed.
    Russ James

    Great Quality !

    Wow..what a machine. Does more then I expected and amazing American built quality! I just needed it to monitor my second home for freezing but it does so much more then that. I am going to buy one for my parents cabin.
  • Details


    Current Stock:
    SKU: FGD400
    UPC: 689076260534
    Wired or Wireless: Wired
    Number of Zones/Sensor Inputs: 4
    Output for Thermostat Control?: Yes
    Backup Battery(ies): 6 C Cells (not included)
    Programmable Temperature Alarm Point?: Yes
    Special: Highly programmable, custom voice alarm messages
    Dialer: Yes
  • Warranty


    One Year