Sensaphone Cellular Monitoring

Sensaphone Cellular Dialers and Cellular Remote Monitoring

When an Internet connection is not available or the system must run when the Internet connection fails, choose a Sensaphone cellular based remote monitoring solution.  These systems use a cellular connection to communicate with the Sentinel Cloud service for data logging, status and alerts.

These cellular dialers and monitoring solutions are often used to remotely monitor water treatment plants, farms, greenhouses, grow ops, manufacturing facilities, storage facilities, remote HVAC equipment and data centers.

The Sentinel Cellular unit communicates via the Verizon or AT&T cellular network to the Sentinel Cloud.  The cloud service will log sensor data and is used to send email, text or even voice alerts when an input is triggered, power fails, or a sensor goes out of range.

Sensaphone supports a huge selection of sensors including contact closures, 4-20mA analog sensors, temperature, humidity, CO, CO2, soil moisture, smoke, vibration, pressure plus many more.  Virtually any sort of input can be monitored, logged, and reported on as needed.

Multiple users can be set up to receive alerts based on which input is triggered or the time of day.  Back up contacts can be set up in case a primary contact doesn't acknowledge the alarm.

The cloud service also provides smart phone apps to allow users to monitor system status.