Sensaphone Data Center Monitoring

Data Center Monitoring and Alarms

Be proactive and protect your IT datacenter and server rooms from issues that could cause catastrophic failures.  Sensaphone's data center remote monitoring solutions can monitor for power failures, temperature problems, humidity, security issues like unauthorized access, and failures of network equipment like routers, switches or UPS backups.

Log system and sensor data to watch for anomalies that may indicate pending failures or problem conditions and send alerts to IT staff and administrators proactively.

Alerts may be sent by email, SMS text messages or a voice phone call by way of the Sensaphone cloud.

The new Sensaphone Stratus EMS is perfect for data center monitoring and alerts.  It has power failure monitoring built in with a battery back-up that can last up to 30 hours in case of a power failure.  It's a supervised unit so alerts can be sent proactively if it goes offline.  Or add an optional cellular communicator to take it off the network.

On board digital and analog inputs plus support for MODBUS 485 and TCP devices and monitoring built-in.