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Sensaphone IMS4000 Enterprise Monitoring and Alarm Reporting

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    Sensaphone IMS4000 System - IMS4001

    The Sensaphone IMS4000 is an expandable, enterprise remote monitoring and alarm solution for computer rooms, server rooms and data centers.  It can provide real time sensor data, data logging and alarm notification by console software, telephone, text. email or SNMP trap.

    The IMS-4000 host and nodes are managed through "Console View" software.  A multi-site, multi-user license is included with the IMS4000 host.

    The IMS-4000 is a stand-alone remote monitoring system with an integrated voice dialer, email alert server, an internal battery backup, flash-memory storage and a web server, all in one package! Differentiating itself from the IMS-1000, this model has node units available for creating much larger systems, and a power gate unit available allowing you to cycle servers remotely!

    Capable of monitoring up to eight (8) sensors out of the box, plus power, you can monitor, set alarms and log a variety of conditions.  IMS sensors include:

    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Water leaks
    • Power failure
    • Current
    • 4-20mA analog sensors
    • Dry contact input

    The dry contact input can be used to monitor security door sensors, motion sensors, tamper switches, smoke or fire detectors!

    Sensors are easily added with RJ45 connectors then automatically detected and configured by the IMS-4000. Following configuration, this device will detect faults within your sensors eliminating neglected cable disruptions. Combining all of these features with its built-in rechargeable battery backup function, you can certainly be sure of smooth operation from this device!

    The IMS4000 system can be expanded by networking additional nodes with up to 8 sensors per node.  The nodes use a network connection to communicate so they can be in the same room, on another floor, in another building or across the glob.  Up to 31 nodes are supported per IMS4000 system. 


    Sensaphone IMS-4000 - Specifications

    • Built-in power failure detection and sound level detection (built-in microphone)
    • Inputs: 8 inputs per each host and node
    • Outputs: 0 (optional Powergate)
    • Notification: E-mail, SNMP trap, voice phone call, fax, numeric pager
    • Special Features: Live web server, rack mount, expandable, ethernet with phone backup, IP monitoring

    Sensaphone IMS-4000 - Included

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    Sensaphone IMS-4000 - Support

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    Current Stock:
    SKU: FGDIMS4001
    Number of Inputs/Zones: 8 (Expandable to 256)
    Alarm Communication: 512 (Voice, Email and SMS)
    Relay Outputs (Thermostat Control): Optional
    Web Access: Yes
    Special: Expandable and Rack Mountable
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    One Year
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