Sensaphone Internet Web Alerts

Sensaphone Internet Based Remote Monitoring and Web Alerts

Sensaphone Internet based systems provide remote monitoring, data logging and alerts to one or more contacts by email, text or voice messages.

Remote Monitoring solutions for medical facilities, water treatment plants, oil and gas, HVAC equipment, manufacturing facilities, MODBUS applications and data centers. 

Data logging can be used to prove that cold storage facilities, laboratories, freezers, refrigerators are operating within allowed temperature ranges throughout the year.  Reports can be created to show sensor data.

If a sensor goes out of range, power fails or input is triggered, these Internet based systems can send an alert by email, text or voice call to one or multiple contacts.  Contact alerts can be scheduled, groups of contacts can be created and backup contacts can be indicated in case the primary contact doesn't receive the message.

Sensaphone Cloud based remote monitoring solutions can also be accessed using a smart phone application or web interface to check their status.