Sensaphone WSG Wireless Monitoring

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Sensaphone WSG Wireless Monitoring with Internet and Email


The Sensaphone WSG30 uses wireless sensors to monitor your facility when running wires isn't cost effective or possible.  These systems are commonly used in medical and vaccine storage facilities, data centers, industrial and manufacturing facilities, farms and greenhouses.

The WSG30 has built in power failure monitoring and on board data logging with an LCD display for local status and programming.

It has a built in web server and email ability to send emails in case power fails or one of the sensors falls out of range. 

Wireless sensors include dry contact inputs, 4-20mA analog inputs, water leak and flood detectors, room temperature, fridge / freezer temperature sensors and humidity.  With sensors supporting dry contact inputs and 4-20mA analog inputs, there's a sensor style available for just about any application.