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SMOKESPOT - Spotprotect WIFI Smoke Detector

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    SMOKESPOT - Smoke Detector with WiFi For Text Messaging

    The SMOKESPOT is a WiFi smoke detector combining a 110V photoelectric smoke detector and a SWITCHSPOT WiFi alarm sensor. The SMOKESPOT operates as a typical smoke detector, but when it is activated the included SWITCHSPOT will send out email and or text notifications alerting the appropriate person(s) that the smoke detector has been activated. The smoke detector uses advanced photoelectric detection helping to eliminate nuisance alarms and has 9V battery backup (optional).

    When the sensor is triggered, an alert will be sent by email or text message.  Users can also login and view the history of the Spotprotect sensor(s), and make changes to alerts as needed. 

    The SpotProtect cloud service is FREE for a single contact.  A Premiere subscription is also available to allow multiple contacts and faster heartbeat monitoring. 

    Perfect for applications where a phone line is either unavailable or impractical!

    Note: A SpotCable is required to initially program the SmokeSpot or any Spotprotect WiFi Sensor.  One cable can be used to program multiple sensors.


    IMPORTANT:  As with any monitoring device you must ensure it is installed correctly and tested regularly to ensure it is in working order and reporting as expected.  The WIFI device must be located in a dry room temperature location.  Do not install it outdoors or in a humid environment.   

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    SMOKESPOT - Smoke Detector with WiFi - Specifications

    Smoke Detectors Specifications

    • Power Input - 120VAC
    • NO and NC outputs (easy two wire connection to the included SWITCHSPOT)
    • 6.5" Diameter
    • 2.5" Depth

    SWITCHSPOT Specifications

    • Power Supply - 2 AA Batteries (included)
    • Battery Life - Approx. 5 Years
    • Inputs - NO or NC
    • Connects to SpotProtect Portal via local WIFI
    • SpotProtect System allows users to be receive email and/or text message notifications when SWITCHSPOT is triggered

    SMOKESPOT - Smoke Detector with WiFi - Included

    • 1 x Smoke Detector
    • 1 x SWITCHSPOT
    • 2 x AA Batteries
    • 1 x SPOTCABLE USB Cable

    SMOKESPOT - Smoke Detector with WiFi - Downloads

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