WiFi Water Temperature Alarm - Perfect for Hot Tubs!

SpotProtect TEMPSPOTFL WiFi Water Temperature Monitor with Email and SMS Alerts

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    SpotProtect TEMPSPOTFL WiFi Water Temperature Sensor for Remote Monitoring & Alerts

    The Spotprotect TEMPSPOTFL is a battery powered WiFi device for monitoring water temperature and reporting problems by email or SMS text message.

    • Monitor Aquarium temperture
    • Monitor Hot Tub Temperature
    • Monitor Spa Temperature
    • Monitor Pool Temperature
    • Other Non Combustible Liquid Temperatures

    TempSpotFL can be used in any location with exiting WiFi and Internet Service. The TEMPSPOT communicates it's temperature readings back to the SpotProtect Cloud where users can login and view the history of the sensors as well make changes to the sensors programming.

    In case of a high or low temperature, the appropriates person can be notified by text or email.  You can set your own high or low temperature thresholds.

    There is no cost for the cloud service for a single contact with email or text, and for 45 days data history.

    An optional low cost subscription is available to enable contacts, heartbeat (check-in) every 10 minutes, and unlimited cloud storage.  Subscription link here.

    SpotProtect is an indoor device.  For outdoor applications leave SpotProtect inside and use the wired sensor run to the outdoor location.

    Note: a SPOTCABLE is required to setup the SpotSensor.  If you are buying multiple SpotProtect sensors you do not need to buy multiple cables. Inital setup requires a Windows PC/Laptop and is not compatible with macOS.

    TEMPSPOTFL Features

    • Logs temperatures and stores them in the cloud portal
    • Sends email or text alerts if temperatures goes above or below the threshold you set
    • WiFi 802.11 b/g (2.412 - 2.484 GHz)
    • Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2 Security Standards
    • Wi-Fi Security Programming: Via free Windows PC software using SpotCable
    • * Inital setup requires a Windows PC/Laptop and is not compatible with macOS.
    • Accurate to +/- 1°C (1.8°F).
    • Battery powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included)
    • Batteries last 2-4 years depending on battery quality, useage, WiFI signal strengh and several other factors
    • DHCP or Static IP settings  (factory default is DHCP)
    • On board memory for up to 50 readings in case of temporary cloud disconnection


    IMPORTANT: As with any monitoring device you must ensure it is installed correctly and tested regularly to ensure it is in working order and reporting as expected. The WIFI device must be located in a dry room temperature location. Do not install it outdoors or in a humid environment.

    For set up instructions visit https://www.spotprotect.com


    SpotProtect Free & Premiere Cloud Subscription Options:

  • Reviews


    john hilgenberg

    excellent remote wifi temperature monitor

    I researched for a device to remotely---via smartphone and/or internet--monitor my hot tub temperature to alert me if the temperature drops below--say 95 degrees Fahrenheit--so I can correct the problem before expensive damage occurs. So far the monitor works great--it is reliable and accurate. Setup was fairly easy but could use some improved automated features. An android app would be nice--I hear it is in the works! Also be aware the sensor module is NOT waterproof but I simply placed mine inside a Pelican protector case --model 1010 -- I got from amazon. I drilled 2 holes in the Pelican case to allow for the antenna and the 3 foot temp probe then added a little silicon caulk around the holes I drilled. I would highly recommend this product. so far
    Gary Crofton

    Works great, but difficult to set up - NO MACINTOSH CLIENT TO CONFIGURE

    i had a freeze alarm which i've used for years, so i thought i'd try their wifi hot tub alarm. arrived quickly, but NO WRITTEN DIRECTIONS, only on the outside of the box. Nowhere on their website do they mention that you need a PC (who uses those anymore?) to configure - if you have a Mac you're out of luck. But since finding someone with a PC to configure, it seems to work very well.
    Kevin D'Incau Hot Tub Dude

    Easy to hook up, works great

    I ordered this temp sensor, followed the online instructions, and started monitoring my hot tub temperature with it. In Minnesota, the temps get down to 30 below zero, so it is important to be alerted as soon as there is a problem with a hot tub. I can go on my account and set the phone numbers I want called, the email I want alerted, and what temperature I would like an alert sent. I have it set to trigger an alert at 95 degrees. I took it out of the water to test it and received a text message in less than a minute. I can also set how often I want the current temp sent to my account, so if I log in to my account I can see the temp changes over a day, week, month on a bar graph. Pretty cool feature, I could see that my temp would vary between 102.4 degrees and 103.7 degrees. It is set for 102. Very happy with the product, money well spent....I am in the hot tub industry and it's the first product I've gotten that I'm happy with and would sell to my own customers.
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