STI3360 Wireless Entry Door Chime
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STI-3360 Wireless Entry Alert Door Chime

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    Safety Technology International STI-3360 Wireless Door Chime

    The STI-3360 wireless door chime will alert you, your family or staff, to visitors entering your home, store, shop or small business.  A small sensor (magnet) and transmitter mount on your door and frame. When the transmitter and magnet are separated, a wireless signal is sent to the chime box which plays your choice of tunes/tones.  The door sensor is battery powered and the chime box simply plugs in to an available wall outlet.  Set-up takes only a couple of minutes.

    This wireless entry chime is great for retail operations and stores to alert staff when a customer enters.  It can also be used for shops, small businesses, offices or even in care homes to let staff know if a door gets opened by a patient.

    The STI wireless door alert can also be used to monitor windows or cabinets.

    For use in security applications instead of a chime, a buzzer or even barking dog sound can be played instead.

    STI-3360 Wireless Door Chime Features

    • Entry alert system
    • Monitors doors, windows or cabinets
    • Small sensor mounts on door/window and frame, and connects to a battery powered transmitter
    • Chime box plugs in to wall outlet
    • Wireless range up to several hundred feet direct line of sight. Will be significantly shorter when walls or structures are between transmitter and chime receiver

    10 Selectable Sounds:

    • Ding
    • Dong
    • Ding-Dong
    • Westminster 4 note
    • Westminster 8 note
    • Knock Knock
    • Jingle Bells
    • Barking Dogs
    • Bicycle Bell
    • Buzzer

    STI-3360 Wireless Door Chime Specifications

    • Frequency: 433 MHz
    • 500' range

     STI-3360 Wireless Door Chime Includes

    • 1 x STI-3353 Chime receiver
    • 1 X STI-3551 Transmitter/magnetic
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