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Sump Pump Alarm High Water Switch

  • Description

    Sump Pump Alarm High Water Switch 

    Preventing your basement from floods, this Sump Pump Alarm High Water Switch is a worthwhile purchase! Low cost with a simple construction, this pump fits virtually all sizes and types of return pipes. Thanks to its rugged design with non-corroding plastic materials the pump will operate totally submerged without fear of deterioration. Built to support your individual needs, a stainless steel hose clamp allows for easy mounting. An additional feature includes a unique reversible float, allowing for both a Normally Open OR Normally Closed switch circuit, whichever you prefer!

    Want to receive a Text Message when your sump pump alarm is activated? Check out the SUMPSPOT.

    High Water Switch Features

    • Low cost
    • Simple construction
    • High-reliability design
    • Made of non-corroding plastic materials
    • Stainless steel hose clamp for easy mounting
    • Sealed reed switch provides high isolation when pump wiring breaks down
    • Will operate totally submerged
    • Unique reversible float allows for N.O. or N.C. switch circuit
    • Fits virtually all sizes and types of return pipes

    High Water Switch Specifications

    • Switch is U.L. listed.
    • 1 Amp Max at 24 VDC.
    • Recommended < 250ma.
    • 24-inch lead wires (20 AWG)
    • Operating temperature not to exceed 90 deg. Celsius.

    High Water Switch Installation

    • Mount float slightly above the point where the water level activates the sump pump.
    • Connect electrical leads to the applicable circuit.
    • Use of a water-tight splice is recommended.
    • Test to ensure proper operation.
    • To change circuit from N.C. to N.O., remove "C" clip, reverse float, reinstall "C" clip.
    • When connecting to an inductive load an arc suppression device should be put in parallel with the load to avoid damaging the switch.

    High Water Switch Includes

    • 1 x Sump Pump Alarm High Water Switch
  • Reviews


    Richard H. Bacon

    Sump pump warning system

    It works as advertised a very good piece of of merchandiced
    Dan F

    Easy to order!

    Easy to order, delivered on time and it works what more can I ask for&quot;
    D Fagan

    Simple and Effective

    This unit is inexpensive, simple to install, and easy to configure for specific use.
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    Current Stock:
    Alarm Notification: Normally Closed or Open Contacts
    Sensor Type: Float Switch
    Wireless Alarm Signal from Sensor to Monitor?: No
    Shutoff Valve: No
    Number of Sensors Possible: N/A
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    One Year