Sure Action P500-50 Magnetic Driveway Probe Sensor 50 ft Wire
Sure Action
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Sure Action P500-50 Magnetic Driveway Probe Sensor 50 ft Wire

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    Sure Action P500-50 Magnetic Driveway Sensor 50 ft Wire

    This probe has multiple functions that can be programmed into the device by the installer at installation, for instance, turning on your garage lights as you drive in, or open your garage door. Ideal for the installer who prefers pre-cut wire lengths. The wire is 22/2 shielded burial  cable. The Sure Action P500 driveway probe is typically buried along side or under a driveway to detect moving vehicles. Driveway probes only trigger based on moving metal objects, so they are not prone to false alarms caused by people, animals, blowing trees, etc. 

    The P500 driveway probe is used with a SU-HA2 processor (not included).  When a single driveway probe is used, the system will activate based on a vehicle moving in either direction past the probe.  When used with two P500 probes, the system can be set to trigger only when a vehicle travels in one direction, ignoring travel in the opposite direction.

    When the P500(s) trigger the HA2 processor, its relay closes and can be used to trigger security and automation systems to create alerts, turn on lights and more.

    Note:  It is recommended to install part# GRND2 with any P500 probe installation to avoid damage and false alarms from lightning strikes or surges.

    Sure Action Magnetic Driveway Probe Sensor Specifications

    • Different functions based on the direction the vehicle is traveling
    • Ability to detect vehicles moving as slow as 1 mph
    • Probe and processor can be up to 1 mile apart
    • 22/2 shielded burial wire
    • Works with HA2 processor

    Sure Action Magnetic Driveway Probe Sensor Includes

    • 1 x P500 probe with 50' of cable


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