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TEMPSPOT - Spotprotect WiFi Freeze Alarm with Email and SMS

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High Temperature (-58°F to 700°F)
  • Description

    TEMPSPOT - WiFi Temperature Sensor Alarm with Email and SMS

    WiFi Temperature Sensor for Remote Temperature Monitoring

    The TEMPSPOT is a WiFi based temperature sensor for monitoring the temperature in any location with existing WiFi and Internet service. The TEMPSPOT communicates it's temperature readings to the SpotProtect Cloud which will send email or text alerts to the user when the temperature rises or falls out of range. 

    Users can also login and view the history of the temperature sensor(s), and make changes to alerts as needed. 

    The SpotProtect cloud service is FREE for a single contact.  A Premiere subscription is also available to allow multiple contacts and faster heartbeat monitoring. 

    Perfect for applications where a phone line is either unavailable or impractical!

    Note:  A SpotCable, sold separately is required to initially program the WiFi sensor(s).

    IMPORTANT:  As with any monitoring device you must ensure it is installed correctly and tested regularly to ensure it is in working order and reporting as expected.  The WIFI device must be located in a dry room temperature location.  Do not install it outdoors or in a humid environment. 

    For set up instructions visit https://www.spotprotect.com



    • WiFi sensor
    • Logs temperatures and sends an alert in case of hi/low temperature
    • WiFi 802.11 b/g (2.4 GHz)
    • Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2 Security Standards
    • Accurate to +/- 1°C (1.8°F).



    TEMPSPOT - WiFi Temperature Sensor - Specifications

    Radio Specifications

    • Operating Frequency: 802.11 b/g (2.412 - 2.484 GHz)

    Electronics Core Specifications

    • Power Supply: 2 x AA Batteries (Included)
    • Max Operating Temperature: Using Alkaline Batteries: -18°C to +55°C (0°F to +130°F) Using Lithium Batteries: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
    • Device Range: Up to 250 ft.* (Typical to standard Wi-Fi devices)
    • Up to 5 years battery life depending on sensor type, Wi-Fi security, distance from Wi-Fi router, reporting frequency and other variables. (Testing surpassed 90,000 transmissions until battery depletion.)
    • Wi-Fi Security Standards: Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2 Security Standards
    • Wi-Fi Security Programming: Via PC software using USB SpotCable and SpotProtect online software.
    • Network Settings: Auto DHCP/DNS or Static
    • Data Logging: On Wi-Fi disruption, unit will log the most recent 50 readings and transmit when Wi-Fi connection is re-established.
    • Power Consumption: 4uA sleep, 35mA active RX, 180mA TX (at +12dBm)
    • Wi-Fi Data Rate: Auto configures to best rate for maximum range.
    • LED Lights: Status / Activity
    • Data Logging (With Premiere Subscription to SpotProtect Cloud): On Wi-Fi disruption, unit can log up to 50,000 readings and transmit when Wi-Fi connection is re-established.

    Thermistor Specifications

    • Sensing Element: Thermistor
    • Thermistor Operating Range: -40°C to 125°C
    • Accuracy @ 25°C: +/- 1%
    • B-Constant (25°C – 50°C): 3380 ± 1%
    • Permissive Operating Current @ 25°C: 0.38 mA
    • Rated Electric Power @ 25°C: 15 mW
    • Dissipation Constant @ 25°C: 1.5mW/°C
    • Time Constant @ 25°C: 7 sec
    • Resistance @ 25°C: 10K ± 1%

    TEMPSPOT - WiFi Temperature Sensor - Included

    • 1 - TEMPSPOT WiFi Temperature Sensor
    • 2 - AA Batteries

    TEMPSPOT - WiFi Temperature Sensor - Support and Downloads

  • Reviews


    Bruce B - Wisconsin

    Great so far

    Very easy to install after understanding my PC's security software didn't like the WiFi Installer download....once past that it was VERY easy. The YouTube video is helpful too. Logging temp data well, easy to navigate the Portal and easy to see what is happening.

    Needs clearer step by step instructions.

    After endless tries of setting up the freeze alarm on my own, and then a few emails with Nathan we finally got the freeze alarm working. You must have a pc to install the zip files a iPad will not work. Personally I spent hours trying to get it to work, then with the help of a computer wiz still needed Nathans help. Instructions could and should be much clearer. But once set up gives me a great peace of mind knowing the temperature at our cottage. Adjustments and monitoring temperature is very easy!

    after you set it up

    My situation was different than most. I did not have a computer at the summer home where the freeze sensor was being installed (I don't own a laptop) so I had to program it at my primary residence. Herein lies the difficulty: You have to tell it the wifi network name and password being used to program it. It assumes that's ththe same domain the sensor will be located. When finished a green led indicates success. Now I had to go in and change the WiFi name/passwd to the location the sensor was being installed. After this is done I had no way of knowing if it will work until I physically brought the sensor to the summer home. Well it worked. Could I or 95% of most people have done this without Absolute Automation tech support? No way Jose. I have to compliment tech support for helping me out but they should document this scenario in the install instructions.

    read the manual first

    I leave for Florida in the winter months and wanted a WI-FI powered freeze alarm because I have no landline.No need to have your neighbor check the house temperature,this gadget will do it for you and more.Make sure to read the instruction manual before installing,it will save you a lot of e-mail's to Customer service!

    Great little machine

    Was skeptical about this when I purchased it, however it does exactly what I need and I can now feel comfortable with monitoring my house while we are away. I did need a little help with some of the set up, but the online chat person (Nathan) was great.
    Joey A

    Tricky at first, but worth it!

    It was a little tricky to get setup at first and understand all of the features. However once I got it going I can't believe how easy to watch my home s temperature and make changes to the sensor over the internet.
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