UTCCR4000 Long Range Wireless Doorbell Button and Door Window Open Alert
Dakota Alert

Dakota Alert UTDCR4000 Long Range Wireless Doorbell with Visual Indicator

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    Dakota Alert UTDCR4000 Long Range Wireless Doorbell with Visual Indicator LED

    The Dakota Alert Long Range Wireless Push button and Door/Window Sensor can be used in three different modes:

    1. Wireless Doorbell Button - In this mode, the doorbell button is mounted where needed
    2. Wireless Door Windows Open Sensor - in this mode the included magnetic sensor is mounted on a door or window to detect when it has opened
    3. Wireless Universal Transmitter - in this mode there is an input on the wireless transmitter that accepts a "contact closure"


    In any of these modes, when triggered, a wireless signal is sent to the wireless receiver where the LED light will flash and your choice of tunes/tones will be played. With a wireless range of up to 1 mile* this wireless system can be used in homes, schools, small businesses, farms and more.

    The outdoor doorbell button is completely weatherproof and has a soft push button. 

    The indoor receiver has a built in visual indicator LED which makes it great for hearing impaired.  Add multiple DCR4000 receivers where needed to provide additional visual notification.

    The included UT4000 button transmitter operates on a 3-volt lithium battery (included) and can be easily mounted to a door frame or wall.

    The included DCR4000 chime receiver can be wall mounted or set on a table in a convenient and central location.


    Dakota Alert UTDCR4000 Long Range Wireless Doorbell Specifications

    Wireless Doorbell Specifications

    • Can be activated using push button or terminal inputs (N/O or N/C)
    • Frequency: 433.92 MHz
    • 256 Code Combinations
    • Battery required: 3 Volt Lithium (included)
    • Wireless Range: Up to 1 Mile*
    • Weather Resistant (suitable for outdoor use)
    • Built in Magnetic Reed Switch and included magnet for doors and windows, closets, cupboards or drawers

    Doorbell Chime Specifications

    • Four Different Chimes Tones
    • Volume Control
    • LED Reminder Lights
    • Operating Voltage - 12VDC - Power Supply Included
    • Relay rating: 24VDC at 3 Amp
    • Frequency - 433.92 MHz

    *Line of Sight

    Dakota Alert Long Range Doorbell - Included

    • 1 - Dakota Alert UT4000 Transmitter with battery
    • 1 - Dakota Alert DCR4000 Wireless Receiver
    • 1 - Plug in power supply for receiver


    *Wireless range is direct line of sight without interference.  Actual range will be reduced by interference and structures.

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