temperature alarm for home

Temperature Alarms for House

Vacationing is supposed to be a relaxing time. However, many homeowners worry about their homes when they are on vacation, and worry about their cottages/vacation property while they are at home. Use one of our home/property monitoring units listed below to provide peace of mind! The below temperature and freeze alarms are also hugely popular with snowbirds who travel south for the winter. On top of the peace of the mind, the alarms provide to homeowners many insurance companies either require or provide discounts if a home which is unoccupied through the winter has one of these units installed.

Looking for a temperature alarm system that will monitor the temperature at your cottage or cabin and call multiple phone numbers if or when an alarm occurs?

temperature alarms for house

The Intermediate Freeze Alarm has a Quick Status Feature which allows you to hear the current temperature, power status and battery status with a simple 15-second phone call! This model calls up to three phone numbers and alerts you with a voice message if the temperature gets too cold or too hot, if the power fails, or if the backup battery requires replacing.

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Looking for a complete cottage alarm system? Monitor for temperature, power outages, water leaks and even turn the heat up or down over the phone!

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Sensaphone 400 will monitor your home or business for temperature extremes, water problems, power failure and more. The Sensaphone FGD-400 has four alarm inputs which can each monitor temperature alarms, power outages, water leaks, motion sensors, door switches and more! On top of this the Sensaphone FGD 400 can be used to switch a dual thermostat turning the heat up or down remotely!

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