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VAL1 - Winland Driveway Alarm and Vehicle Detector

  • Description

    The Winland VAL-1 has been a popular wired driveway alarm, utilizing a magnetic vehicle probe sensor to detect vehicles entering the driveway.  The VAL-1 has been discontinued but the pieces are compatible with the Mier DA500 system.

    If your Winland VAL1 controller is still in working order, but your probe is defective you can purchase a Mier Probe here:

    If your Winland VAL1 probe is defective, you can purchase a Mier DA500 controller here:

    Or you may replace the whole kit with a Mier DA500 system.

  • Reviews


    Works Great

    I put one in 11 years ago, 1000' long. Over time gophers gnawed through the cable. I replaced the cable about six years ago and this time placing in conduit. No problems since. The alarm even picks up bicycles. My house is the only one on the road, so there are no nuissance alarms.
    Hooks in Texas

    The best alert system on the market

    I have had mine for at least 10 years and no problems other than I placed the sensor too close to the road. I buried the sensor about twenty feet from the road, but it picks up heavy trucks and real fast driving cars. There is a sensitivity adjustment, but my wife prefers to check for drive by's than miss a car in the driveway. I had tried a wireless system, but it was unreliable. You will have to add a louder alarm (Radio Shack), but that is not hard. Installation is moderately challenging, and will require a trencher. I buried mine in PVC conduit even though it is direct burial cable.
  • Details


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    UPC: 82075117203
    Wired or Wireless: Wired
    Sensor Type: Magnetic Probe
    Wireless Range: N/A
    Relay Output: 2 SPST Relays
    Special: Versatile Alarm Options
  • Warranty


    One Year