Watercop Water Shutoff Valve with Electric Actuator
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WaterCop Electric Shutoff Valve

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    WaterCop Water Shut Off Valve with Electric Actuator

    Protect your home or business from devastating water leaks that can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage in minutes. Left unattended these water leaks can destroy not only your property but also prized possessions.  Water damage is one of the most common and costly insurance claims. In fact some insurance companies may insist on an automatic shut off valve in order to provide insurance. 

    Don't wait for a disaster before you protect yourself. Get a WaterCop system installed now. Watercop valves are heavy duty commercial quality, lead free and constructed of brass. When open they are full port valves, meaning there is no reduction in water flow - so it's like the valve didn't exist. But when disaster strikes, the valve can automatically turn off to prevent further damage.

    Building a Watercop system is easy.  Start with this electric actuator and the valve size that matches the water supply pipe that enters your home or business, after the main shut off valve and before it branches off to other locations. This lets the Watercop system automatically turn off your water when needed. You can also turn it off proactively to work on plumbing, or when you go away for an extended time.

    Then add as many wireless water sensors as you need. Available in single probe (WCDFS1) and twin probe (WCDFS2) versions, the water sensors should be placed near potential sources of leaks including but not limited to hot water tanks, dishwashers, washing machines, ice makers, toilets and sinks.

    Add an RS100 remote switch if the water valve is in a location that isn't easy to access - and you'll be able to open and close it electrically from the RS100.

    * Note: Professional installation is strongly recommended to ensure protection. Water must touch one of the active sensors in order to trigger shut-off so ensure the water sensors are placed where water will flow if a leak starts!

    WaterCop Valve with Electric Control for Shutoff - Specifications

    • Full Flow Valve - so no reduction in water flow when open
    • Rated at 600psi
    • FxF NPT
    • Specify valve size on check out

    WaterCop Valve with Electric Control for Shutoff - Included

    • 1 - WaterCop Valve with Electric Control for Shutoff

    WaterCop Valve with Electric Control for Shutoff - Support and Downloads

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