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WaterCop Lieutenant Kit

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    WaterCop Lieutenant Leak Protection and Shutoff Valve Kit - Description

    Say goodbye to extensive damage caused by water leaks and floods that may be generated by common plumbing related failures! With its automatic shut-off valve, the WaterCop Lieutenant Kit is designed to detect moisture and subsequently cut-off access from the main water supply line, preventing the leak from developing further. Differentiating itself from other WaterCop kits, this system provides you with one (1) WaterCop Brass Valve and Water Control Switch, and three (3) Single Probe Water Sensors.

    Comprised of two basic parts, this system provides homeowners with added control and peace of mind. The WaterHound is a moisture sensor designed with a wireless radio transmitter that detects water caused by leaks, thereafter sending a signal to the WaterCop®. This WaterCop® is a motorized ball valve that contains a wireless radio receiver, automatically closing off access from your water supply when the WaterHound detects water!

    Additional features guarantee that this system meets all your requirements! Soft touch on/off valve controls for manual operation and color-coded LED valve position indicator lights allow for an easy read and uncomplicated use. Available with ½, ¾, 1 and 1 ¼” valves this kit is designed with flexibility to meet your needs!

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    broken pipe

    Love this product a few years ago we had a pipe burst and flood our kitchen - mega mess and hassle. Now with the watercop the main valve will be closed when one of the strategically placed sensors in my home gets wet - nice!!
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    SKU: WCKDLF/12/34/1/125
    Sensors: 3 x Single Probe Sensors
    Power Supplies for Sensors: None
    Repeater: No
    Remote Switch: Yes
    Cabling for Remote Switch (required): No
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    One Year
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