WaterCop Pro Kit
WaterCop by Dynaquip

WaterCop Pro Kit - Actuator and Control Panel

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    WaterCop Pro Kit - Control Panel and Actuator 

    The WaterCop Pro is a complete water protection and leak detection system that comes with a 25 foot cable. It’s designed to detect any leak from a loose fitting, burst pipe or simply old appliance the system will immediately close the valve shutting off the water supply and stopping the leak.

    A great option for large homes, multi-family, condominium or commercial use where combinations of hardwired and wireless sensors are needed to communicate with an indoor Water Control Panel and hardwired actuator.

    Watercop Pro wireless sensors (not included) are supervised, meaning they will generate a trouble condition if they go offline for any reason. Water sensor locations include but are not limited to hot water tanks, washing machines, dishwashers, ice makers, toilets and sinks. Sensors need to be placed where water will run in case of a leak.

    Wireless and hard-wired pro sensors are available:

    Note that only the WPKH Control Panel can accept hard-wired sensors. Each sensor is addressable, meaning when a sensor detects water and sends a signal back to the WaterCop control panel the valve is still closed shutting off the water, but also the sensor's ID is displayed on the LCD screen allowing the user to know where the leak was detected.

    WaterCop Pro Kit - Control Panel and Actuator Specifications

    • Max. working pressure 125 psig Flow Data
    • Ambient temperature 35° to 105° F Vale Size Cv = Gpm flow at 1 psi pressure drop
    • Enclosure Polycarbonate NEMA 4 ½” NPT 19
    • Voltage 12 VDC includes 120 VAC adaptor ¾” NPT 34
    • Current 0.85 Amps 1” NPT 52
    • Valve Full-Port, Brass, NPT 1 ¼” NPT 77
    • Valve seals RTFE (Reinforced Teflon) For cold water applications

    WaterCop Pro Kit - Control Panel and Actuator Includes

    • 1 - Control Panel
    • 1 - Actuator

    WaterCop Pro Kit - Control Panel and Actuator Support and Downloads

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