WaterCop Water Shut Off

WaterCop Automatic Water Shut Off


Protect your home, cottage or business from potentially devastating damage by installing a WaterCop leak detection and automatic water shut off system.  WaterCop uses a commercial quality heavy duty electric water shut off valve to automatically shut off the main supply line when any of the wireless water leak sensors detect water. 

Water damage is one of the most common and expensive disasters costing insurance companies over a billion dollars a year in claims.  Water leaks can be the result of old or frozen pipes that burst, cracking toilets, rusted or old water heaters, bad or old supply line hoses or fittings. Washing machines can spring a leak if something makes its way through the wash that should have been taken out of your pockets.  Hot water tanks are under constant pressure.

Not only is your home at risk but keep in mind that while some items can be replaced, original paintings and photographs, collectors items, photographs and the like cannot!  Most people wait until they've had a leak causing a flood or water damage before they install a water damage prevention system.  Be proactive and add some peace of mind with WaterCop.

WaterCop is sold as components to provide the most flexibility.

How to Build a WaterCop System

1. Choose the actuator you require.

This piece houses the brains of the system and the motor (actuator) for the valve(s).  There are single and dual valve actuators available.

WCDACT - Single Valve
WCDACTDUAL - Dual Valve, two actuators

2. Choose the valve style and size(s). 

  • WaterCop Builder valves have a manual control handle attached and look like an off the shelf ball valve.  They're meant to be installed by the plumber prior to inspection or when the actuator needs to be installed later.  When it's time to finish the WaterCop installation, the handle is removed and the WaterCop actuator is attached. WCFLFxxx
  • WaterCop Ready (standard) valves don't include a handle so they require the WaterCop actuator to function WCMVLFxxx

3. Choose the style and quantity of water sensors.

Sensors are available with single and dual water probes.  WaterCop Classic supports a virtually unlimited number of wireless water sensors.  By default they are battery powered.

WCDFS1 - Single probe wireless water sensor
WCDFS2 - Dual probe wireless water sensor

4. Add accessories if required.

RS100 - Wall switch controller for manual on/off control away from the valve where it may be more convenient.
WCDR - Wireless repeater for very large installations or where signal is weak or has interference
WPA - Plug-in power supply for sensors.