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WaterCop by Dynaquip

WaterCop WCDFS1 Wireless Leak Sensor

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    WaterCop WCDFS1 Single Probe Wireless Leak Sensor

    Monitor specific leak prone areas within the home for unwanted and potentially damaging water accumulation of internal flooding. Flood sensors feature a robust 418MHz radio transmitter chipset with up to a 200 foot operating range, user adjustable digital security codes, and operate on either two (2) AA batteries and/or an optional AC power adapter. Low battery warning chirp. Sensors are equipped with one (1) sensor probe with a 6 foot sensor cord. When leaking water comes in contact with the sensing probe the Water Sensor sends a radio signal to the WaterCop on duty telling it to shut off the main water supply. Each WaterCop can support an unlimited number of Water Sensors. Power Source: 2 AA Batteries (Not Included) and/or AC Power Adapter (Not Included)

    WaterCop Single Probe Leak Sensor Specifications

    • Wireless Range of up to 200 Feet (line of sight)
    • One water sensor with 6' cord
    • Can be powered by Two AA Batteries or the WC-WPA adapter (not included)

    WaterCop Single Probe Leak Sensor Includes

    • 1 x WaterCop Wireless Transmitter
    • 1 x Water Sensors with 6' of Cable

    WaterCop Single Probe Leak Sensor Support and Downloads

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