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DA500 - Mier Wired Drive Alert Kit

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Product Information

MIER DA-500 Driveway Alarm System

Have you ever been surprised or startled by an unexpected visitor at your door? With the Mier DA-500 Drive Alert, you will always get an early warning of vehicles entering your driveway!

Perfect for use in residential driveways, on farms, commercial applications/drive-thrus or perhaps in remote locations; the Drive Alert is what you need to use for your protection! This multi-purpose, solid-state electronic alarm system is designed to detect vehicle traffic in any areas where the knowledge of movement is desired or necessary.


The Drive Alert works by sensing the motion of a metal object that passes within about eight (8) feet of the buried metal sensor probe. This sensor is buried approximately 6” deep, parallel to the driveway or area being protected. In the situation where a vehicle passes by the sensor, an immediate signal is sent through this burial cable to the control panel, activating a small whistle to alert you! With a simple adjustment at the control box, the sensitivity of the sensor’s operating range can easily be altered! Systems are available with varying cable lengths from 10’ to 1500’! Also included is a relay output to connect remote whistles or other accessories.

The DA-500 Drive Alert Driveway Alarm System is the security industry's most-often used method for detecting a vehicle when it enters a driveway. A variety of features and accessories make this unit ideal for both residential and commercial applications!

Common Driveway Alarm Applications

Mier Driveway Alarm

Protecting the home

The Drive Alert allows homeowners to know when someone enters their driveway. The out-of-sight sensor detects moving objects in a nominal range of eight feet on either side of the sensor and sends a signal to the master control unit, which sounds an electronic whistle.

Preventing theft

The sensor, when placed alongside a stationary metal object (such as campers, farm tractors, RV's, boats, or gasoline tanks) will detect any movement of that object and sound an alarm, aiding the prevention of theft and vandalism.

Drive-Up Window Applications

Restaurants, banks, pharmacies and other businesses that utilize drive-up windows can use the Drive-Alert unit to signal a customer’s arrival.

Mier Drive Alert

Enhancing safety

Industrial safety is improved by using the Drive Alert unit at busy or blind intersections, helping to prevent accidents by signaling the movement of vehicular traffic in these areas.

We also offer various accessories for the DA-500 Drive-Alert unit, which can enhance the effectiveness and versatility of the system. For more information on the DA-500 Drive-Alert, or our other quality products,
just call us at 1-800-296-3910.

The Vehicle Detector Drive Alert – Used by the Security Industry
The Metal Sensing Drive Alert Driveway Alarm – Model DA-500

Product Videos

Mier DA-500 Wired Driveway Alarm 00:46

The Original Drive Alert!! The Mier DA-500 Driveway Alerting Vehicle Sensor is buried along your driveway and alerts you to incoming vehicles. The driveway probe detects moving metal and sends an alarm signal up the wire back to the control box in your home which sounds a whistle to alert you to that vehicle. The driveway probe only detects moving metal so you will never receive false alerts from animals, people etc.The sensitivity of the probe is adjustable at the control box, as well as the length of time that the whistle will sound.For more information, check out this post:

  • Mier DA-500 Wi...
    The Original Drive Alert!! The Mier DA-500 Driveway Alerting V...

Warranty Information

One Year

Other Details

Wired or Wireless:
Sensor Type:
Magnetic Probe
Wireless Range:
Relay Output:
Form C (N.O and N.C) OR 24VDC
Rugged Steel Casing - Industrial Grade System

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  1. This product is the answer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Aug 2015

    After first trying an infrared motion sensor on our long laneway and having critters trigger it, I installed this product and it has performed flawlessly. I installed the wired system myself and added a relay to activate the doorbell in the house. It helped being an electrician but it was really not complicated.

  2. Excellent product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jul 2015

    After lots of research and reading we settled on the DA-500 with several upgrades. The sensor wire (300') was run in conduit for protection (1 1/2 inch for sensor then 1/2" for wire). The system works great and once all upgrades are done we will have an outside bell, outdoor lights, indoor lights, and indoor chimes.

    Pros: Almost unlimited ability to expand wired / wireless items. Easy to follow installation instructions. Durable constructed steal casing. By far the best tech support I have ever talked to with people that know the system without having to read a web page to give you help.

    Cons: If you plan to use the built in buzzer it is hard to hear (not a con for us because we did not plan to use it but you should be aware of it). You can use either the wireless sensor (DA-066) which needs contacts or a powered item like the DA-505 for lights, but not both without adding a relay (DA-500LKA) which is not clearly explained anywhere.

    Conclusion: A great system and well worth the cost. My only complaint is not knowing I needed the relay (DA-500LKA) to run the DA-066 and DA-505 at the same time until I talked with tech support. This should be documented better and Absolute Automation should be able to flag a purchase in advance and advise the customer of the need.

  3. Good Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2015

    This alert works just as it should. I am happy with this purchase !

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