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Driveway Alarm

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Driveway Alarm

Driveway security is often overlooked, and yet this is the point where most visitors and intruders alike will first enter your property! Whether you want to be aware of guests or unwanted intruders, a driveway alarm can notify you immediately when someone approaches.

Don't let a visitor end up on your doorstep or leave them prowling around. If you've ever seen a vehicle driving out of your property without being aware that they'd even arrived then you'll appreciate the peace of mind knowing immediately when someone enters.

You'll get an alert you as the visitor or intruder enters your property, giving you time to prepare to greet your company or call the police if it appears to be an intruder. Our entry alert systems can also be used to monitor other areas of your home or business such as your entrance, garage, tool or garden shed. They can also be deployed as a pool area alert - notifying you if anyone nears your pool regardless of the season. Alarms can also be positioned to alert you if someone approaches your parked RV or boat.

Our driveway alarms are professional grade systems, many of which are made in USA!  Don't trust your security to the low cost systems found at big box stores!

Driveway Sensors are designed to monitor areas around your property for visitors or unwanted intruders - notifying you immediately. Sensors are available using motion sensors, buried vehicle probes, or drive-over rubber hose styles. When the sensor is triggered, it can sound a chime or siren, call a phone number, send a text to your cell phone, turn on lights, trigger a camera or page a handheld receiver.

Our systems are used for homes, cottages and businesses alike. Never miss a customer, friend, or intruder again! If you walk around the property, add one of our portable pager receivers so you are always aware when someone arrives - no matter where you are on the property.

We offer both wired and wireless systems. Wireless systems are the most popular as they are the quickest and easiest to install. They work very well, and with technological advances in batteries and transmitters, battery life has never been better. Many of the wireless transmitters feature incredibly long wireless ranges with some systems allowing you to place the receiver up to several miles away!

Whether you choose wireless or wired, infra-red or probe style metal sensing you will quickly learn to trust your system to notify you of company arriving or an intruder in the night.

Driveway Security Testimonial:

Thank you so much. My driveway sensor is up and running and keeps me posted on who is coming up my long and winding driveway!!! Was recommended by someone I met just by chance. Another customer of yours from Thompson named Jack Carpenter. Imagine my surprise when it was here the very next day!!! Thanks again.
Judy Tannish

driveway alarm