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Water Protection


Leaky pipes, faulty sump pumps or power outages and leaky appliances can quickly cause expensive, devastating damage to homes and offices. Use one of our water sensors, water alarms, and/or water shutoff devices to give you early warning to stop extensive and expensive water damage from occurring. Relax knowing you will be the first to know if something has sprung a leak, and if using a shut-off valve, that the leak has already been stopped!


All water and flood sensors are used to trigger an alarm when a water leak or flood is detected. The big difference between water alarm systems is what happens when an alarm is triggered. Every water leak sensor Absolute Automation sells has the option of being connected to an alarm panel or dialer for home automation and security purposes. Some of our leak and flood sensors are also stand-alone units with built-in audible alerts which activate sirens or emit audible chirps when water is detected.

The most basic leak sensors will sound an alarm, so if you are around you will hear an alert, know that a water leak or flood is happening.  This allows you to take the necessary steps to stop the leak or at the very least, prevent the water from damaging expensive items.

Choosing how many and where to install your leak sensors can be a challenge. Some of the most common areas are behind the washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, and underneath sinks. Some of our leak sensors are combined with shutoff valves and designed for use with specific appliances, such as washing machines which are the NUMBER ONE cause of all water damage in American homes.

The safest system is always one which turns off all water in the building as soon as a water leak is detected, this ensures that no matter where or when the leak happens it will stop quickly!