Dakota Alert DCRH-4K-PLUS Rubber Hose Wireless Driveway Alarm with Relay

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DCRH-4K-PLUS Dakota Alert Rubber Hose Wireless Driveway Alarm with Relay

Detect and be alerted when a vehicle enters your driveway, gas station, filling station, service station. The Dakota Alert DCRH4000 driveway alarm system uses a rubber hose sensor that is laid across the area where vehicles will enter. When the vehicle drives over the hose the wireless transmitter will send a signal to the receiver which will play a sound and light up the LED indicator light.

The DCRH-4K-PLUS has a long wireless range of up to 1 mile (5280feet)* from transmitter to receiver. The transmitter is battery powered using a 9V battery (not included) and the receiver is powered by the included plug-in power adapter.

The included Dakota 4000 Plus receiver has two form C relay outputs and a 12VDC relay output that can be activated when one of the sensors are triggered. This allows the receive to be connected to an external siren, strobe light or to an alarm or automation system. The relay and voltage outputs can be set to trigger for 1 second, 5 seconds, 15 seconds, or 5 minutes when a sensor is activated. Each sensor can have its own turn and it's own activation time.

* Note: 2500 series are not compatible with 4000 series.

Up to 16 different sensors (transmitters) can be paired with this kit by adding additional sensors:

  • DCHT4000 - additional rubber hose sensor and transmitter
  • DCMT4000 - additional motion sensor and transmitter
  • UT4000 - additional doorbell/push button transmitter
  • DCPT4000 - additional metal sensing driveway probe and transmitter

The included RE-4K-PLUS receiver offers 12 different sounds to choose from:

  • Ding Dong (high)
  • Ding Dong (low)
  • Westminster
  • Fur Elise
  • Alarm/Siren
  • Coo Coo Clock
  • Bird Chirping
  • Twinkle Twinkle
  • William Tell
  • Cannon in D
  • Morning
  • Toreador March

Dakota DCRH-4K-PLUS Wireless Driveway Alarm Features

  • Rubber hose detects vehicles that drive over it
  • Includes 25 foot rubber hose
  • Wireless transmitter is battery powered by 9V battery (not included)
  • Receiver has 2 x Form C Relays (normally open and normally closed) rated up to 3A @ 30VDC
  • Receiver has 1 x 12VDC output rated up to 400mA
  • Up to 1 mile or 5280foot wireless range*
  • Battery life 6-12 months depending on weather and activity
  • Receiver powered by included plug-in adapter
  • Outdoor sensor operating temperature range -30F to 110F

Dakota DCRH-4K-PLUS Includes

  • Wireless transmitter with 25 foot rubber hose vehicle detector (DCHT4000)
  • Indoor wireless receiver (RE-4K-PLUS)
  • Plug-in power supply for receiver

RE-4K-PLUS User Guide

* Note: Wireless range is maximum, line of sight, without interference. Obstructions, hilly terrain and interference will reduce range.



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