Medical Cold Storage and Vaccine Remote Temperature Monitoring Devices

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MarCell PRO Cellular Power Failure and Temperature Alarm with Probe
Save $61.50
Sensaphone Sentinel SCD-1200 Web-Based Monitoring
Save $82.90
Sensaphone Sentinel SCD-1200CD Web-based Monitoring in NEMA4X Enclosure, Clear Door
Save $173.50
Sensaphone Sentinel 1200 Cellular Monitoring, Verizon 4G Cellular in NEMA4X
Save $3
Sensaphone FGD-0101 2.8K Weatherproof Temperature Probe
Save $5.50
Sensaphone FGD-0107 2.8K Temperature Sensor in Glass Bead Vial
Save $0.50
Sensaphone FGD0101TEF Ultra Low Weatherproof Temperature Probe
Save $1.30
Sensaphone FGD-0101NIST Weatherproof Temperature Probe NIST
Save $1.75
Sensaphone FGD0107TEFNIST Temperature Sensor
Winland EnviroAlert Professional Gateway

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