Dakota Alert DKP Metal Sensing Probes

Dakota AlertSKU: P50

Wire Length (in feet): 50


Dakota Alert Metal Sensing Probes P50/P125/P250

The Dakota Alert driveway alarm probe will never send you false alarms from animals or the wind as it is only capable of detecting the movement of large metallic vehicles and only then will an alarm signal be triggered. We recommend that you use this driveway sensor with one of the following wireless transmitters:

  • Dakota Alert 3000 Transmitter (600-foot range)
  • Dakota Alert 2500 Transmitter (2500 foot range)
  • Dakota Alert 4000 Transmitter (1 mile range)
  • MURS Alert Transmitter (4-mile range)

Dakota Alert Metal Sensing Probes Specifications

  • Sensor Type - Metal Sensing Probe
  • Probe Resistance 800 Ohms across red and black or Infinity from any of the wires to ground

Dakota Alert Metal Sensing Probes Includes

  • 1 - Magnetic Driveway Sensor Probe
  • 50, 125 or 250' of wire (continuous lengths with no splices)

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