DoorBird IP and WiFi Access Control Device, Flush Mount, Stainless Steel V2A

DoorbirdSKU: A1121FL



The new Doorbird A1121FL flush-mount, stainless steel V2A IP Access Control Device offers secure access control standalone or as part of a more extensive system.


Adaptable Installation Areas!


The device's compact size and features make it the ideal choice for situations that require access control in areas where typical IP video door stations may not be available, such as side doors, garages, etc., and allows the device to be easily installed on doorframes. It also works in Elevators.


The device can be used outside or indoors, as the front panel is solid 3 mm (0.12 in) brushed stainless steel.


The door station features an illuminated keypad, allowing it to function in dimly lit areas.


Flexible Usability & Network Connectivity


The A1121FL connects to networks via WLAN or LAN cables. When connected through cable, the device can be powered with PoE; if the internet fails, the device will continue to work within the local network.


The device is equipped with two relays, has a configurable Wiegand output interface for integration into an existing access control or alarm system, and allows users to create one-time or temporary access codes as needed. HTTP(S) calls can connect the station to third-party home and building automation systems. All settings can be set up remotely via the Doorbird app.


Works With A1081


Users can set up individual schedules, validities, and actions for each PIN code, RFID transponder, and more by pairing it with the DoorBird IP I/O Door Controller A1081. Up to three additional gates, doors, or elevators can be controlled, regardless of their distance from the device.


Doorbird A1121FL flush-mount IP Access Control Device in features:

  • 12 key illuminated Keypad
  • 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz RFID Reader
  • Bluetooth Transceiver
  • Ability to create individual pin codes - up to 500 pins
  • IP65-rated for indoor or outdoor use
  • 3mm Brushed stainless steel front
  • Flexible installation
  • Designed for flush mounting - surface-mounted and retrofit versions sold separately
  • Compact size - can be mounted on door frames
  • Ideal for side doors, garages, underground garages, storage areas, machine rooms, elevators, and more
  • Connects via WLAN or LAN cables - can work in the event of an internet outage
  • HTTP(S) calls can be used to connect the station to third-party automation systems
  • Configurable Wiegand output interface for integration
  • Individual schedules, validities, and actions for each PIN code, RFID transponder when paired with DoorBird IP I/O Door Controller A1081
  • Quality made in Germany

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