Mier Fake Rock to Hide Wireless Sensors

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FAKE LANDSCAPING ROCK TO COVER THE DA-610 OR DA-611 SENSOR (19 L X 14 W X 12 H) For use with DA-610 or DA-611 Sensor/Transmitters. These fake landscaping rocks allow customers to easily hide their wireless Drive-Alert driveway probe and driveway sensor and transmitter boxes.


The DA-610 Sensor which comes standard with all Wireless DriveAlert Systems should be placed as close to the drive as possible. Many customers place the sensor under bushes, flowers, or other landscaping along the driveway. Others attach it to a post along the drive.


However, many wish to keep the sensor out of site and do not have landscaping next to the drive in the area where they wish to place the sensor. For those applications, we recommend placing the sensor under one of our discreet DA-ROCK1 faux rocks. The sensor will be hidden from sight, and will still detect vehicles and send the signal to the house without any impact on performance.


The dimensions of the hole within the hallow rock are:
14”W x 19”L x 12”H


*The outside dimensions of the rock are only slightly larger.

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