ELK 1280 12VDC 8AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery

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ELK 1280 12VDC 8AH Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Are you getting a low battery warning, indicator light or beeping from your system? It's probably time to replace your rechargeable batteries.

ELK 12V Sealed Lead Acid rechargeable batteries are used in security alarm systems, access control systems, emergency lighting and some UPS systems. Elk uses virgin materials and more lead compared to many other brands, for long life and they include a 2 year manufacturer's warranty and these batteries are a recognized UL component.

When replacing an alarm battery you can typically go up to a higher AH rating so long as the battery will still fit in the cabinet. For example a 7AH battery can be replaced by an Elk 8AH battery and it is likely almost the exact same size.

ELK-1280 Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery Features

  • Rated 12VDC 8AH
  • F1 Faston Tab terminals (0.187")
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Dimensions: 5.94 L x 2.56 W x 3.74 H inches
  • UL recognized component

Note: When replacing your existing battery please be sure to power down and unplug the device before removing or re-connecting the battery. It may take from several hours to 48 hours to completely recharge the new battery. If you are still seeing a battery warning after waiting for a full recharge cycle, try to power cycle the device again before contacting customer service.

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