ELK 6030 Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

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ELK 6030 Wireless PIR Motion Sensor with Security/Convenience LED

The Elk 6030 is a wireless motion sensor designed for us with the ELK-M1XRFTW transceiver and M1 controls. Eliminates the need for using an ELK-6022 Universal sensor with another motion sensor to create an Elk wireless motion sensor zone.

ELK 6030 Features

  • Compatible with ELK-M1XRFTW two-way wireless transceiver
  • Selectable coverage range, up to 49 ft x 49 ft
  • Adjustable pulse count helps eliminate false trips
  • High-quality dual element Pyroelectric sensor
  • Ease of installation with keypad initiated walk test
  • Industry First Security/Convenience Bright White LED with:
    • Momentary motion activation during walk test mode
    • Flashing during audible alarm activation
    • Programmable on activation through M1 Rules
  • Illuminate an area for camera assistance during event
  • Temporary night path lighting
  • Long battery life and 2 selectable sleep mode durations

ELK 6030 Specifications

  • 902 Mhz - 928 Mhz frequency hopping

ELK 6030 Includes

  • 1 X ELK 6030 Wireless Motion Sensor

ELK 6030 Support

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