Etcon SKCXSG Burial Splice Kit




Etcon SKCXSG Waterproof Electrical Burial Splice Kit

The SKCX weatherproof splice kit is a weatherproof splicing kit for RG6, RG11, RG59 and 2-4 pair phone wires. To use this kit, you need to have any special tools, mixing compounds, tapes, gels etc.. as this device is made to be extremely user-friendly. Just in case you need to go back into the spliced area to touch it up or change something, we made sure that this splice kit was completely "re-enterable" allowing for quick and easy inspections of the splice to make sure it is holding. The splice casing is composed of an engineering grade polymer based outer housing which resists moisture, petroleum-based products, chemicals and rodents ensuring a long lasting life protecting your splice. This waterproof electrical splice kit also provides pullout strength for additional splice quality. A great deal!

Waterproof Electrical Splice Kit Includes

  • 1 - Weatherproof Splice Kit

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