FloodStop Automatic Water Shut Off for Water Heaters 3/4" NPT

FloodStopSKU: FS34NPT-V4



FloodStop FS3/4NPT V4 for Water Heaters

Water heaters sit out of the way and go unchecked.  Water heaters or constantly under pressure and older units can develop cracks or rust through.. Ruptured or cracked fittings or internal failure can also result in a leak. Often this damage goes undetected for many hours, allowing it to become much more extensive.

The FloodStop FS3/4NPT-V4 is an automatic water shut off device with a water sensor that will automatically turn off the water supply to the water heater when a leak is detected.

It will also sound an internal alarm and close the on board relay output that can be tied to an alarm system, auto dialer or smart home automation system.

The FloodStop controller is powered by the included plug-in power supply.  Install 4 AA batteries to provide a battery backup for prevention even during a power failure.

FloodStop FS3/4NPT-V4 FloodStop for Water Heaters Specifications

  • Water sensor is placed on floor where water will flow when a water heater leak develops
  • Automatic water shut off valve attaches to supply line
  • 3/4" NPT
  • Signal Outputs: 1 Normally Open
  • Motorized Ball Valves:
  • Rate 0-180 PSI Max 250 PSI Solid Brass
  • Rate 32-212 degrees F
  • Sensor: 1.25 " X 7.5", double-sided.
  • Additional sensors may be added in series.
  • Alarm: Beeping with Mute Button

FloodStop FS3/4NPT-V4 FloodStop for Water Heaters Includes

  • 3/4-inch solenoid valves with NPT fthreaded ittings
  • Control unit
  • water/leak sensor
  • AC power adapter

FloodStop NPT34 v4 - FloodStop for Water Heaters Support

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