Insteon 2334-222 Dual Band Keypad Dimmer 8 Button White

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The Insteon Keypad Dimmer can be used to remotely control Insteon Enabled lights and appliances or scenes (groups of devices).  Plus it has a built-in 600W dimmer so it can be used to control a locally connected dimmable light. The Keypad can be installed in a brand new location or it can replace an existing wall switch.

The top left button controls the built-in dimmer while the remaining 7 buttons can be linked to any Insteon devices. Press the load button to turn the light off or on. Hold it to dim or brighten the light.

You can quickly and easily create lighting scenes where a number of lights all off, on, or on to a preset light level - with a single button press. All buttons have built-in status LEDs so you can tell at a glance if the remote devices are turned on or off. 

Get creative! Use the Keypad buttons to control plug-in modules for fish tanks, fans, or Insteon thermostats, create scenes for 'welcome home, goodnight' or you can even use it with an Insteon IOLinc Garage Door Control Kit to open and close your garage door and tell if the door has been left open!  Create virtual 3, 4, 5 way lighting scenes without having to wire switches together just by linking Insteon light switches together with Insteon links.

The Keypad installs like a regular light switch except that it needs a neutral wire which is available in most homes. Not sure? Check out this knowledgebase article.

  • Two products in one - 600W dimmer and Keypad transmitter/controller
  • Dimmer can control dimmable incandescent and inductive loads
  • Dual band technology communicates over existing AC wiring AND wireless RF
  • Create whole-house lighting scenes quickly and easily
  • Control Insteon devices like lights, thermostats, plug-in modules
  • See light status at a glance with built-in LED indicators
  • Doubles as an Insteon Access Point/Coupler/Repeater
  • No longer supports X10
  • De-Rate dimmer capacity by 200W for each dimmer directly adjacent
  • Standy Power Consumption less than 1W
  • ETL approved for USA and Canada
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty


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