Insteon PS01 i3 Paddle In Wall Dimmer Switch

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The Insteon PS01 in wall dimmer switch can be programmed to function as either a dimmer or an on/off switch depending on the type of lighting you're trying to control.  Insteon dimmers can be used on their own, with other Insteon devices or with a hub or software for smart home automation in new construction or retrofit applications.

The i3 dimmer switch design is intuitive for users.  A quick press of the top will turn it on, and the bottom will turn it off.  When in dimmer mode, holding the top brightens and holding the bottom dims.

Insteon Dual-Band Insteon technology is simple to set up and reliable due to the nature of its automatic repeating mesh network.  Insteon technology uses both powerline (house wiring) and wireless communication simultaneously for the best possible communication reliability. 

For 3-way, 4-way or multi-way situations, install one PS01 or an Insteon Keypad controlling the load(light), then install additional PS01 units as needed simply giving them power and then create an Insteon.  Using this technique you can create 3-way switching anywhere in the house even if it was never wired for it!

i3 devices are supported using Insteon Hub 2 and the Director app or the EISY hub.  Other hubs/software like Indigo, Homeseer, Home Assistant may be limited at least initially so please contact them for more information.


Smarthome PS01 Insteon i3 Dimmer  Switch Features:

  • NEW model for 2023
  • Can be set for on/off only or dimming mode
  • On/off mode supports up to 9A or 1/3HP loads
  • Dimming mode supports up to 150W for dimmable LED bulbs or up to 400W for incandescent or halogen
  • Dual-Band Insteon - Powerline and RF communication built in
  • Backwards compatible with older Insteon devices
  • Doubles as wireless access point & repeater
  • True rocker action - top on/bright, bottom off/dim
  • Adjustable individual ON levels for local operation and each scene
  • Adjustable individual fade on/off  rates for local operation and each scene
  • Individual setting for Fade on/off rate for  local operation and each scene
  • Individual setting for ON level for local operation and each scene
  • Neutral Wire Required
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • cETL certified, confirms to CSA standards
  • Does not include a trim plate.

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