Mier DA-500 Drive-Alert Wired Vehicle Driveway Alarm

Mier ProductsSKU: DA500-010

Wire Length on Probe (in feet): 10 Feet


MIER DA-500 Vehicle Detecting Driveway Alarm System

Have you ever been surprised or startled by an unexpected visitor at your door? Or have you had a frustrated customer waiting at your drive-thru? With the Mier DA-500 Drive Alert, you will always get an early warning of vehicles entering your driveway, drive-thru or property.

The DA500 vehicle detecting driveway alert is perfect for use in residential driveways, on farms, drive-thru, commercial applications or in remote locations. This multi-purpose wired vehicle detecting alert system is designed to detect only vehicle traffic and ignore nuisance alerts from people or animals.

Since it detects larger moving metal objects, it can also be used as a security device to detect the movement of a garbage bin, boat trailer, tractor trailer. You'll know if these items are moved when not expected.


The Mier Drive Alert works by sensing the changes in magnetic field when a metal object moves near the metal sensing probe. The sensor probe is buried approximately 6 inches deep, along side or underneath the driveway or area being protected.

When a vehicle moves or passes by the sensor, a signal is sent through the probe's cable to the included Mier control panel, activating a whistle sound to alert you or our staff.

With a simple adjustment at the control box, the sensitivity of the sensorFTs operating range can easily be altered.

This vehicle alert system is wired, so there are no batteries to worry about and no wireless range interference concerns. You can install the vehicle detecting probe as far away from the control box as the cable length allows.

Systems are available with varying cable lengths from 10FT to 2000 feet.

The control panel has a relay and voltage output to connect remote whistles, chimes, sirens, strobes, lights or other accessories.

Contact us if you need information on connections.

The DA-500 Drive Alert Driveway Alarm System is the security industry's most reliable and most-often used method for detecting a vehicle when it enters a driveway.



  • The whistle sound is meant to get your attention. Mier offers a 'Pleasant Chime' accessory, part number DA655 that can be used instead of or in addition to the built in whistle sound. Up to 3 wired DA655 chimes may be used.
  • To add a wireless chime option, part number DA-REPEATER wires to the control box and you can add one or more DA100CP wireless chime receivers up to 1000 feet away (max line of sight).



We can help you build a custom package that includes one or more additional chimes, external sirens, strobe lights, We can also show you how to turn on a room or outdoor light when the driveway alert is triggered. For more information please reach out to us by email or give us a call.


Common Driveway Alarm Applications

Mier Driveway Alarm

Protecting the home

The Drive Alert allows homeowners to know when someone enters their driveway. The out-of-sight sensor detects moving objects in a nominal range of eight feet on either side of the sensor and sends a signal to the master control unit, which sounds an electronic whistle.

Preventing theft

The sensor, when placed alongside a stationary metal object (such as campers, farm tractors, RV's, boats, or gasoline tanks) will detect any movement of that object and sound an alarm, aiding the prevention of theft and vandalism.

Drive-Up or Drive-Thru Window Applications

Restaurants, banks, pharmacies and other businesses that utilize drive-up windows can use the Drive-Alert unit to signal a customerFTs arrival.

Mier Drive Alert

Enhancing safety

Industrial safety is improved by using the Drive Alert unit at busy or blind intersections, helping to prevent accidents by signaling the movement of vehicular traffic in these areas.

We also offer various accessories for the DA-500 Drive-Alert unit, which can enhance the effectiveness and versatility of the system.

DA500 is the Vehicle Detector Drive Alert Used by the Security Industry

MIER DA-500 Driveway Alarm Specifications

*Note Chime and Timer Sold Separately

  • Vehicle probe senses moving cars, trucks, vehicles or moving metal objects
  • Loud on board whistle with on/off switch
  • Output -- 24 VDC at 100 Milliamps or: Dry Contact Relay - 24V/1AMP Maximum
  • Surge protected from transients
  • Adjustable sensor sensitivity
  • Adjustable time control for electronic whistle
  • Red LED power-on indicator

MIER DA-500 Driveway Alarm Includes

*Note Chime and Timer Sold Separately

  • Commercial quality Master Control Panel
  • Plug-in power transformer and cord
  • Two-conductor shielded direct burial cable in the length selected
  • Weatherproof vehicle metal sensor

MIER DA-500 Driveway Alarm Support

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