Mier DA-700 Wireless Magnetic Vehicle Driveway Alert

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Mier DA-700 Wireless Magnetic Vehicle Sensing Driveway Alarm System

When it comes to simple and reliable vehicle detection, the Mier DA-700 Wireless Driveway Alarm System is what you need. It's quick and easy installation, makes this system is an excellent choice for do-it-yourself installations for residential driveways,  for commercial drive-thru applications or where it's too difficult to run wires.

The Mier DA700 uses a magnetic metal sensing vehicle probe to detect vehicles entering or leaving your driveway or drive-thru, so visitors or customers will never go unnoticed again!

The included DA610TO vehicle sensor houses a magnetic vehicle sensor internally that identifies only moving metal objects like cars and trucks. It will not alert or false alarm when people or animals cross.

After being placed at your convenience, the DA-700 Control Panel Receiver receives a wireless signal from the sensor/transmitter and sounds three selectable chime tones to alert you of the detection of a vehicle!

This control panel also includes options to trigger additional accessories via 24VDC output, 12VDC output or form C dry contacts. The DA700 has two internal programmable timers for accessories like lights built in.

A mute/delay feature can be programmed from 5 minutes to 1 hour to 'mute' the system with just the push of a button. This allows someone to leave the home without disturbing others - great for early mornings!

For more information on how to connect other chimes, strobe lights, sirens, bells or even lighting, please email or call and we'd be pleased to help build your custom system.



  • To add a wireless chime option, part number DA-REPEATER wires to the control box and you can add one or more DA100CP wireless chime receivers up to 1000 feet away (max line of sight).


Mier DA-700 Wireless Driveway Alarm System Specifications

* The DA-700s are backward compatible with previous generations of Mier accessories, sensor/transmitters, and control panels.

Up to 3 zones for different alerts.

Optional DA-660 Booster Antenna, for long range up to 3/4 mile

Compatible with unlimited DA-610TO, DA-611TO, DA-612TO.

Control DA700CP Panel Receiver

  • +24 and +12 volt DC power sources for use with accessories
  • Three different chime tones, with volume control
  • Two programmable timers
  • Range up to 1000ft
  • Output regulation of 24VDC +/- 0.5A

Driveway Metal / Vehicle Sensor

  • Powered by two (2) A Batteries, Typical battery life one year
  • Detects vehicles (standard sedan) moving at 5MPH Max 14ft, 8ft Mid, 6ft Min
  • Weather-proof NEMA 4X Box
  • Transmission Distance - Max 1000 feet clear line of sight

Mier DA-700 Wireless Driveway Alarm System - Included

  • 1 - DA-700 Control Panel with Receiver and power supply
  • 1 - DA-710TO Wireless Vehicle Sensor

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