Optex RCTD20U Wireless 2000 Outdoor Motion Alarm

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Optex RCTD20U Wireless 2000 Motion Entrance and Driveway Alarm

The Optex RCTD20U wireless alert system is great for homes, farmers and small businesses who need to be notified when someone or something enters the shop, building or driveway. This alert system provides both convenience and security.

The Optex 2000 wireless motion sensor mounts easily wherever you need to know of people or cars arriving or leaving. The sensor can be used indoors or outdoors as needed with its IP54 outdoor weather resistant rating.

When motion is detected, a wireless signal is sent up to 2000 feet* to the included receiver. The receiver simply plugs in to a wall outlet wherever you need it and when it receives a signal from the transmitter it sounds a tone and the indicator LED lights up.

The receiver also has an on board Form relay output with an adjustable output duration, that can be used to connect to an external chime, strobe, doorbell or other system. If you need help, please email or call and we'll be pleased to customize a system for you.

The motion sensor can be set for a 17 foot wide fan style activation area, or a 50 foot narrow long range detection area.

Additional TD20U motion sensors or TS10U or TC10U transmitters may be used to expand the system. The Optex Receiver's are capable of working with up to 9 different transmitters and have three different chime tones to choose from.

If you want the motion sensor to be more discrete, select the 'add birdhouse' option. The bird house can be painted or stained and hides the sensor from view.


Optex RCTD20U Wireless 2000 Specifications

Optex RC20U Chime Receiver

  • DC 9V (exclusive AC adapter)
  • Standby: 1W, Operating: 2W
  • Chime tone: 3 tone & 1 alarm (optional)
  • Adjustable volume levels 0~80dB/5 (Continuous zone: max.)
  • Relay output: 50V AC 1A max or 24V DC 1A max.
  • Selectable Output timer: off/1/5/30/60sec/utility output mode
  • Power indicator: green LED Zone indicator: red LED × 3
  • Radio Frequency: 418MHz
  • Operating Temperature: 15°F -104°F (-10°C - +40°C)
  • For use indoors only
  • Weight: 6.0oz (170g)
  • Accessories: AC adaptor × 1 Mounting screw × 1
  • Maximum Transmitters: 9 Transmitters, with an additional 3 on a latching zone

Optex TD20U Driveway Sensor/Transmitter

  • Passive infrared detection
  • Detection pattern: 50ft (15m) long range or 17ft (5m) fan pattern
  • 90° vertically & ±5° horizontally or
    ±5° vertically & 90° horizontally
  • 9V: alkaline battery
  • Battery life: Approx. 2yrs
  • Red LED status indicator
  • Radio Frequency: 418MHz
  • Max. Transmission Range: TD20 - 2000ft (line of sight)
  • Operating Temperature: 15°F-120°F (-10°C- +50°C)
  • IP54 Weather Resistance
  • For use both indoors and outdoors
  • Weight: 6.3oz (180g)
  • Accessories: Mounting screw × 2

Optex RCTD20U Wireless 2000 Includes

  • 1 - Optex RC-20U Chime Receiver
  • 1 - Optex TD-20U Driveway Sensor and Wireless Transmitter
  • 1 - 9VDC Adaptor (for Receiver)
  • Sensor Mounting Hardware

Optex Wireless 2000 Documentation

RCTD20U Manual
RC20U Manual
TD20U Manual
RC-20U Quick Programming Instructions
Wireless 2000 Literature
Hear Chime Zone 1
Hear Chime Zone 2
Hear Chime Zone 3

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