Pipeburst Pro Jr. FloTrol Controller

PipeBurst ProSKU: PBFL100



Pipeburst Pro Jr. FloTrol

The Pipeburst Pro Jr. FloTrol accessory allows you to control your Pipeburst Pro Jr. valve remotely. With the easy to see LED lights you can quickly see if the valve is open or closed and with the push of a button open or close the valve. Perfect for easily turning off the water when you're leaving your home! If a water leak is detected by any of the leak sensor(s) connected to your Pipebust Pro Jr. system there is flashing red LED light which will alert you that a leak was detected and the water has been shut off.

Pipeburst Pro Jr. FloTro - Included

  • 1 - Flo Trol Device

Pipeburst Pro Jr. FloTro - Support and Downloads

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