Sensaphone FGD-1400CD 4 Zone Alarm with Auto Dialer in NEMA Case, Clear Door

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Sensaphone FGD1400CD 4 Zone Alarm Landline Dialer

 The Sensaphone 1400 is a 4 zone alarm and auto dialer that is accessible from anywhere in the world via the telephone.  The 1400  is capable of providing users with real-time status and phone alerts from up to 4 wired sensors.  It also provides power failure monitoring.

  • Monitor 4 input zones - sensors or dry contact inputs
  • Includes one external temperature sensor
  • Power failure monitoring
  • Auto dialer calls up to 8 numbers on alarm
  • Zone specific user recorded messages
  • Call in to check status or listen in
  • On board relay can be triggered by alarm or controlled remotely
  • Built-in rechargeable battery backup

Capable of monitoring up to eight different sensors and offering up to eight phone numbers to be contacted when alarms are triggered, this device is suitable for monitoring fridges, freezers, barns, greenhouses, water facilities, industrial facilities and more.

Voice menu programming makes the system easy to use and set up. A custom message can be recorded for each zone/sensor so alarm calls will clearly identify the issue requiring attention.

The Sensaphone 1400 has an board power failure monitoring with a huge array of sensors available to monitor indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, fridge or freezer temperature, humidity, water levels, water leaks/floods, motion, CO2, smoke, doors/windows, cabinets, air quality, pressure, PH, soil moisture, air flow and more!

An on board relay output can be triggered manually or as part of an alarm condition.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery backup you can be sure that your FGD-1400 will continue to monitor critical systems 24/7.  Packaged lockable NEMA 4X enclosure you can be certain that your device is safe in harsh environments!  The enclosure protects from corrosion, water, severe external condensation, snow, sleet and ice. It also keeps out bugs and spiders that can damage equipment.


Sensaphone FGD 1400 4 Zone Alarm Dialer Specifications

Input Zones

  • Four universal inputs that support Normally Open, Normally Closed, 2.8 K/10K temperature sensors, 4-20 mA transducers.
  • Automatic input type configuration
  • Scalable range for analog zones
  • Programmable recognition times
  • Internal calibration

Remote Access, Control and Programming

  • Call your Sensaphone FGD400 from any Touch-Tone phone to check the status of all inputs. Make programming changes remotely from any Touch-Tone phone.

Alarm Notification

  • Up to eight telephones, cell phone or pagers can be called for alarms.
  • Makes voice message phone calls with customized messages for easy identification.
  • Built-in alarm test function to simulate and test the notification process. (great feature!!)
  • Individual user codes to track who responded to each alarm.

Local Control and Programming

  • Keypad and speaker for local programming
  • Intuitive voice-prompted programming
  • Password-protected to restrict remote programming access
  • 10 event alarm history playback


  • The internal microphone is included for custom voice message recording.
  • An optional external microphone may be added for monitoring for high sound levels and to
    listen in remotely.

Power Supply

  • Plug-in power supply included
  • Rechargeable Gel Cell battery backup included
  • Automatically monitors for power failure alarms from any electrical outlet that it is powered from.


  • Built-in telephone line seizure feature
  • NEMA-4X Enclosure available in clear, or solid door.
  • Robust internal lightning protection
  • Two-year warranty

Sensaphone FGD1400 4 Zone Alarm Dialer Includes

  • 1 x Sensaphone 1400 Alarm Dialer
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x Internal 6V 1.3AH Rechargeable Battery Backup


Sensaphone Alarm Auto Dialer Comparison

Sensaphone 1400 Manual 

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