Sensaphone WSG30 Web Based Wireless Gateway System

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Sensaphone FGD-WSG30 Web-Based Wireless Sensor Gateway System

Sensaphone has just released the newest product in their line of alarm and monitoring dialers. This web-based monitoring and data logging system is designed and manufactured completely in the United States. The WSG-30 possesses a unique wireless sensor monitoring system that can be applicable in multiple settings.

Wireless Sensors with MESH Networking

The key advantage to this new device from Sensaphone is the convenience of its wireless sensors. Each wireless sensor is capable of transmitting a signal up to 300 feet wirelessly. Sensors are able to repeat other sensors wireless signals, allowing for an unlimited range to be monitored. 

In addition, the WSG-30 is also able to provide you with real-time information through automation software. Taking advantage of Modbus protocol, temperature and humidity updates are read through individual sensors and the system is capable of receiving signals from up to 30 different sensors. In general, these features prove to be beneficial to those individuals who may want to monitor refrigerators and freezers, or a multitude of greenhouses where running wires may be inconvenient or costly.

Alarm Notification

Eight user profiles can be programmed into the WSG-30, allowing for four separate contact methods under each one. This totals 32 potential alarm notifications to contact the appropriate personnel via e-mail or text message. If necessary, when used in a data center environment alarm notifications can also be sent directly to a Network Management Software. SNMP traps allow all status values and programming parameters to be accessed easily using specific commands.

Built In Alarms

The WSG-30 system monitors its own power supply and built-in rechargeable battery. The built-in battery provides backup power which provides 2 hours of power to the unit in the event of a power failure or outage.

Local Display

With a four-line display and keypad directly on the front of the WSG-30 the 80 character lighted LCD screen allows for a quick and easy examination of the sensors to verify the conditions being monitoring are within acceptable limits.

Sensaphone Wireless Sensor Gateway System Features

  • Up to 30 wireless sensors reporting back to the main unit.
  • Sensors can be up to 300 feet away.
  • Creates its own Mesh Network so that sensors can be used as repeaters and routers.
  • The Wireless sensors can operate on standard AA batteries for up to 3 years.
  • All sensors are supervised with their battery level reported and monitored.
  • If any sensor has a low battery or drops offline, a diagnostic alarm is generated and users are contacted.

Alarm Notification

  • Total of 32 notifications via email, email-to-text message, SNMP, or Modbus in the event of an alarm.
  • Each Contact Method can be an e-mail or a text message.
  • When used in a data center environment, alarms can also be sent directly to Network Management Software using SNMP traps

Built-in Alarms

  • Power Failure
  • Low Backup Battery
  • Sensor Diagnostics for low sensor battery or sensor not responding

Battery Backup

  • The WSG-30 main unit includes an internal battery backup system that will power the device for up to two hours in case of a power failure.


Web Page:

The WSG-30 includes a built-in web server. Just browse to its web page for all programming, configuration, and access to current status. Even alarm history and data logging can be easily accessed through the web. Up to 64,000 time-stamped records can be stored inside the WSG-30 to follow history and trends of the monitored conditions. Datalog history can be accessed directly through the built-in web page, exported in a standard format, or interfaced using XML.

Local Display:

For a quick local check of the sensors, there is a 4 line display and keypad interface right on the front. The status of all sensors can be easily and quickly viewed at any time without the need for a computer.

Modbus Protocol:

Support for the Modbus protocol is included in the WSG-30. Third party automation software can be used to connect and pull data for all sensor values in real time.

SNMP Management:

The WSG-30 also allows full remote management using the SNMP protocol. All status values, as well as programming parameters, can be accessed using Get and Set commands from standard network management software.

Sensaphone Wireless Sensor Gateway System Includes

  • 1 x Sensaphone WSG System

Sensaphone Wireless Sensor Gateway System Support and Downloads

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