CarSpot Motion Sensing Driveway Alarm with WiFi Email and Text Alerts

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CARSPOT Motion Sensing Alarm Sends Messages When Activated

CARSPOT is a wireless motion sensing driveway alarm system with a wireless receiver that provides local on-site notification of visitors, customers, or intruders, as well as email or email-to-text notifications when triggered by the driveway alert.

  • Motion based local alerts with chime and LED indicator
  • Email and email-to-text alerts

CARSPOT is perfect for property owners and businesses such as greenhouse operations, farms, gas stations or large facilities where employees or owners need to know when a visitor, customer, or delivery vehicle has arrived. It can also be used to provide notification of unauthorized intruders.

The motion sensor is placed at the edge of the driveway or walkway or area to be protected, sending a wireless signal to the receiver when triggered.  The wireless range is up to 2000 feet direct line of sight.*

The receiver will light up the built-in LED indicator and make an alert sound. Additional TD20U motion sensor(s) may be added to cover more area(s).

The included WiFi adapter connects to the receiver and your WiFi network. When the driveway alarm is triggered, an alert message is sent from the free cloud system to up to 5 different email or email-to-text addresses.

Users can also log in and view activation history as well as to make changes the message/recipients.

* 2000 foot wireless range is open air direct line of sight without any obstructions or interference.  Actual range will be reduced by interference or structures like walls, buildings forest, etc.

*Email-to-Text may need to be activated by your cellular carrier.  Carriers may charge for this service.  Eg. Verizon customers can send an email to their and AT&T customers can send an email to their  (eg  Or for even faster messaging use an email to text gateway like ClickSend. 


How CARSPOT Works:

  • Motion sensor is mounted at the driveway, walk way, or entrance
  • Motion sensor sends wireless signal to the receiver
  • Wireless receiver plugs in to wall outlet and chimes on alert
  • WiFi adapter connects to receiver and your WiFi to send an alert to up to 5 emails
  • Emails can be sent to an email-to-text service from Verizon, AT&T or ClickSend (charges may apply)


CarSpot Motion Alarm Features:

  • Indoor/Outdoor wireless motion sensor detects moving people and vehicles
  • Motion sensor is battery powered by 9V battery
  • Indoor wireless receiver has LED indicators and audible alert
  • Indoor receiver is powered by included plug-in adapter
  • Sensor detection pattern: 50ft (15m) long range or 17ft (5m) fan pattern
  • Sensor IP54 Weather Resistance
  • WiFi Adapter supports WiFi 802.11 b/g 2.4 GHz
  • WiFi Adapter requires 3 x AAA Batteries (not included)
  • Requires active Internet and WiFi service where WiFi adapter installed


What's Included:

  • 1 x SWITCHSPOT2 WiFi Dry Contact Sensor
  • 1 x Motion Sensor
  • 1 x Chime Receiver with Relay Output
  • Plug-in power supply for chime receiver


CarSpot Setup Guide 

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